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by PrePostSeo

Prepostseo’s online word counter tool as well as line counter tool have been designed with various options. To increase the quality, Prepostseo developers included all high-end features of their text counter.

Quick & Fast

To make this tool for calculating words fast, we’ve removed the captcha. Copy and paste text into the input box, and the results will be displayed in real-time.

Secure and Safe

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. You can rest assured that we will not save any document or text that you upload to determine the number of words contained in our database. Additionally, we don’t give any of your personal information with the public.

More detailed results

Our tool doesn’t just give you a count of letters and characters count, but also shows other results , such as Keyword Density, Estimated Reading Time, Estimated Speaking Time and the total number of Paragraphs as well as other results.

The online Word Count Tool calculates a total amount of words and chars within your text. If you’re a blogger , then you must to keep the length of your blog post. Google likes long posts opposed to shorter posts. You can also determine the number of pages you’ve written with the SEO prepostseo page to words tool.

Online text character count will be utilized when you need to publish something on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Google+, for example. For instance, Tweeter allows you to publish a particular number of characters per tweet which is 160 characters. When we speak of social sharing , short content will have greater impact than lengthy paragraphs. In this case you need to add every alphabet you type to create the post.

Why Online Word Counter?

It can be very challenging when you must calculate the total word count and chars for long documents. We are aware that if you’re using Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint it will display these numbers, but for PDF files, it is possible to perform the calculation by hand. The word calculator isn’t available in PDF documents.

The same is true when writing your thesis or essays you must maintain how long you write your essays. Because the majority of teachers don’t like bulky essays or assignments. They prefer quality over quantity. Prepostseo essay word counters show you the amount of words so that you can easily summarize your assignments or essays quickly.

In the same way, if you’re an employee of a social media department within a business, you are required to update your social media accounts regularly. Are you going to manually count of words and characters? You should try an online tool to calculate everything in milliseconds.


Are you writing a blog, novel or essay? The right choice of words can make the writing more vivid. The content that is short and informative is more effective opposed to long and less interesting.

As as a reader, what kind of content do you enjoy reading? It is likely that your answer will be an article that has quality material and fascinating information. A concise essay or article can greatly improve the readability of your article. Writers are aware that today, thanks to the internet, there’s an overflow of content. Only organized and concise content can draw readers.

Prepostseo Word Counter

The tool to count words from Prepostseo is a great tool for evaluating the quality of content written by writers. Prepostseo has made their the ultimate effort to include all the top features of the word counter tool. This tool offers a range of indicators that can help you improve how your website’s content is written as well as SEO. The tool comes with useful features. which are listed below:

Quicker Turnaround Time of Results

One of the advantages of this tool is the rapid analysis of content as well as quicker turnaround of results. There is no requirement to enter any captcha code for verification since Prepostseo  know that it takes quite a long time, which can be frustrating for users at times.

We’ve eliminated the requirement to fill in a captcha form, users simply need to paste their content into the box and see the results fast. Users do not have to click the submit button after they have pasted the text. All they have to do is copy or upload the contents, and then their text will be evaluated for multiple words count metrics, and the results will be presented in a short time.

Guaranteed Content Safety and Security

Prepostseo  are committed to protecting your privacy. That’s why we won’t utilize your content in any way else that puts the security and security of your content at risk. We don’t save or archive your content to be used later.

Written documents that you upload to our database to analyze words and content will never be used elsewhere. We adhere to strict privacy policies and believe that our users’ data are only utilized and shared by them. Therefore we will never divulge your data with the public.

Comprehensive Result

When users paste text for analysis of word count with our powerful word counter, it shows the complete results that include numerous metrics fast. The tool we provide doesn’t just analyze the words and characters within your text, but also measures other aspects of the content that could prove useful to you.

The tool also shows the estimated reading time for the entire text as well as the estimated time required to read the text. It also displays the number of sentences within the text file. In addition, it also displays the longest sentences used in the text as well as the amount of words and characters used within the sentence. In addition, it displays the word that is longest that is used throughout the story. The number of characters used in the word that is longest is displayed.

It also shows the percentage of keywords as well as their frequency throughout the text document. I also categorize text into short and long words, and display their percentages throughout the text. It also shows the average length of the words that are used in text, in relation to the number of characters , and an average sentence length according to the amount of words. It also displays how many paragraphs are contained contained in the text file. These features are helpful for those looking for to analyze the content they write.

There is no restriction for Word Count Check

Upload or copy/paste many files to verify the word count for these files in one session. There is no need to return tomorrow for further analysis of your word count. This powerful word count tool to be used for numerous times throughout the day.

Completely Free to use

The users can utilize the tool for free, without any cost. Prepostseo want to make people’s lives easier by providing our helpful tools, and the using them for free word counter software reflects this. It is possible to use multiple text files with no limitation on the number of words or files daily.

Combination of Multiple Effective Tools

Alongside word counters, Prepostseo has plenty of useful tools to improve the quality of texts. Grammar checkers can be used by users as well as plagiarism checking tools to enhance its quality text. Paraphrasing  article Rewriter are also accessible for this purpose. The combination of these tools can help users create original and free of plagiarism.

Values displayed by our free word count:

Our online software so that users get the maximum advantages. Our software has the following characteristics:

The Total Words count words within your text, and then display the total in the upper right-hand corner within the input field. If the input box is mobile the sum will be displayed below in the box for input.

Complete Characters Real-time scan and count the total characters including and without spaces.

Keyword Density: Keyword density is the amount of times a keyword phrase is mentioned in an article or text. It is helpful in order to avoid keyword stuffing. If you’re an SEO expert, then you be aware that Google is not a fan of keyword stuffing.

estimated reading time This is an estimate of the amount of time where your text will be read. Its default number is 200 words per minute.

The estimated time for speaking Speaking can be somewhat difficult and a slower procedure than reading. The default setting is the equivalent of 125 word per minute.

The Total Sentences as the title suggests it is the total amount of sentences or paragraphs within your text.

Longest sentence If you’re conscious of the readability rate you may be aware that long sentences lower the rate of readability. This number will show the longest sentence of your file or text.

Plagiarism checker: Plagiarism detector is not integrated directly with this program, but you can verify the originality of your content by simply clicking on the icon.

Grammar checking in editing, grammar has become among of the most crucial aspects. It isn’t specifically integrated into this tool, but it is possible to discover all grammar mistakes in just one click.

Who can use the word counter?

Writing is an extremely difficult job. It isn’t easy to write when you must stay within certain limits set for you, such as a maximum and minimum word limit.

It is essential to stay engaged and not exceed your limit. This is a problem that can be found in both offline and online world. There are a variety of people involved, such as Bloggers, students, webmasters and so on. Though these people come from different fields, they generally, they are facing this problem.

The following are a few people who could benefit from using the tool to count words and the best way to keep from exceeding word limit.


Certain students who have a dazzling comprehension and vocabulary when tasked to a subject can create a lot of papers in the event that they are permitted to write, however, generally, there is a limit of words that must be observed.

Students can make use of a free online text counters to measure the amount of characters, words, words, of sentences, and other in their writing assignments, essays and thesis too.

Furthermore it is essential in the academic world because quality is a priority over quantity. Limits can force students to remain focused on the subject and ensure that they do not make mistakes within the text.


The professional life is nothing more than determination and hard work. In the midst of a busy schedule and a rush to finish your work, you can forget crucial things such as word count, and other important things.

Word count is a crucial aspect of the life of a blogger. Overstepping your word count inadvertently or accidentally isn’t an indication of blogger with an insufficient number of readers.

If you’re a blogger, you could be unable to attract readers because they might consider your blog boring because of how long your content. The quality of your content is more important than the quantity. Be sure to use relevant words and phrases to draw readers in and not to include other things just to complete the job. Do not worry, character count online can save the day.

This tool can give the following results:

  • The word count of your text
  • The total number of characters used in the text
  • Make note of long phrases and how many words are used in these phrases.
  • Make note of long words and the amount of characters that appear in them.
  • Make sure you point out grammar mistakes
  • Reading time measured in seconds

Freelance Writers

The process of finding a freelancer and meeting the needs of the client isn’t straightforward. The writing you do for freelancing is all focused on the high quality the writing that you create to attract more clients. Letter count and char count are crucial for freelancers as clients typically send guidelines that state not to exceed a certain word limit.

Word calculator is a crucial tool for freelancers. It is old fashioned and takes up lots of time. It is not worth the time spent on the smallest of issues. A free word count online is the most efficient solution.

When you are done, having completed the task, you can copy and paste the work in the text counter so that you determine the total number of words, and even letters that are in your text, to prevent any issue that might occur between your clients and you.


Teachers can also benefit from using online word counters. It is beneficial for teachers to review exam documents of students online, and to determine the number of words, sentences, and the alphabet, this software may be utilized.

It is possible for you to add words manually, the process requires an enormous amount of time. You can check your work in minutes to ease the load on teachers by using an words counters for essay.

The tool on the internet called Char count does not only check for words, but can also display (if requested) the amount of sentences, or even single characters that appear in an article.


For SEO on a site the best word count for an article is at least 1000 words, and a maximum of 3000 words for each article.

The administrators of websites must ensure that this website is doesn’t exceed the maximum limit or fall below the limit of minimum. Writing eye-catching and unique content is vital, along with a precise word count to ensure it is perfect. SEO for the site will also increase.

The word counter on our website is a tool to determine the number of words you have on your website simply by entering the URL of your site in the area provided.

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