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Markets In Uttar Pradesh

These Markets In Uttar Pradesh Are Famous From Lucknow To Meerut

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If you are fond of shopping, then you can go to these markets of Uttar Pradesh to shop for antique and traditional things.

Uttar Pradesh is a state that is not only known for its ancient traditions but also for its vast markets. Here in the market you will find art, hand crafted antique and traditional things, which you can buy according to your choice. Although every city of Uttar Pradesh is known for its special specialty, but today we are giving you information about the special markets of Uttar Pradesh, where you can go for shopping.

1 Mathura Market

The market of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh comes in the holiest city as this city is known for pilgrims. But do you know that the market here is known for jewelery like beautiful silver jewellery, beautiful gold jewelery etc. Also, in the market here you will find many types of handicrafts i.e. hand made things like utensils, jewelry, clothes etc.

2 Banaras market

The market of Varanasi, the city of Uttar Pradesh, is known for selling beautiful Banarasi sarees. There are about ten thousand shops in the markets of Varanasi, which sell printed sarees along with Banarasi sarees adorned with cotton and silk fabrics. Although the city of Varanasi is huge, but if you want to buy cheap and good sarees, you can visit Chowk, Vishwanath Gali, Lahurabir, Golghar, Dashashwamedh Gali and Godaulia etc. For cheap street shopping then explore these streets in Ghaziabad.

3 Agra market

By the way, Agra is known for its historical buildings. But the market here is also quite famous, which is known for footwear. You can buy cheap and good shoes from the famous shoe market of Agra. In addition, Kinari Bazar is the largest wholesale market in Agra, known for selling a wide variety of goods such as marble, cloth, glassware, leather, carpets and handicrafts.

4 Allahabad Market

Allahabad is the most popular city of Uttar Pradesh, where its markets are quite famous. However, now its name has been changed to Prayagraj. Apart from visiting this city, you can also visit Chowk Bazaar and Civil Lines Bazaar for shopping. You will find variety of designer jewelery here. If you have a wedding in your house, then you can buy cheap and good jewelry from here.

5 Meerut market

The market of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh is also very famous, where you will find many types of leather goods like bags, coats and toys etc. You can also buy readymade garments from here, for this you have to go to the red kurti market. At the same time, you can also visit Buhana Gate of Meerut, which is famous for street food.

6 Aligarh Market

You can also go to Aligarh for shopping. Because the market of Manik Chowk here is quite famous, from where you can buy the goods you need in bulk. At the same time, Chowk Bazar of Aligarh is famous for traditional clothes for men. Apart from this, a variety of colorful clothes, utensils and jewelery of precious stones will also go to the market. Apart from this, the world famous ‘Chinese locks’ are also made and sold in the markets of Aligarh.

7 Firozabad Market

This market of Uttar Pradesh is known for selling glassware. Here you will find beautiful multi-piece chandeliers, utensils, etc. decorated with glass and crystal, which will work to enhance the beauty of your home. Apart from this, you can also buy glass bangles, dinner sets, heating tubes, etc. from here. However, you will also find many types of clothes here, which you can buy according to your choice.

8 Lucknow Market

Whenever we talk of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is definitely included. Although Lucknow is called the city of Nawabs, the market of Lucknow is also famous for its chikankari, zardozi and royal embroidery work. This type of embroidery is usually done on the garments and you will find a plethora of chikankari garments in the market of Lucknow. You can explore Aminabad and Chowk Bazaar to buy chikankari items.

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9 Kanpur Market

Although the city of Kanpur is famous for many things, but the markets located here will surely win your heart. Because here Chauraha Bazar, PPN Bazar, Naveen Bazar and Birhana Road Bazar are famous all over India. You will find many types of items in these markets like- designer clothes, leather goods, gold-silver jewelery etc.

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