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Small caps generator for text

by PrePostSeo

Small text generator tool creates small-sized text from your regular size font using just copying and pasting. This can be done with the aid of Unicode.

Super Simple:

Just copy paste , and the little text editor will convert your text into small letters

Six In One:

Small caps generator output is in six different formats, including subscript, superscript, and caps letters

Actual-time Performance:

Prepostseo online small-text converter tool reduces text in real-time in two different font sizes.

Unicode is a set of characters that includes almost every symbol that are utilized in computers. Through June 2018, Unicode includes 137,439 characters and historical and modern scripts. Also, it covers the entire range of kinds of emojis and symbols.

Any small text you read are not fonts. They are different characters , and they contain a particular code behind the characters. You can however, copy these alphabets and paste it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more.

There are six output types that are shown when you enter any alphabet.

1 Small Caps

Small Capital letters look similar to uppercase alphabets however they are regular size. Every regular character in the alphabet can be paired with a small uppercase letter. If you intend to employ minicap font on your HTML web page, it is best to implement it through CSS. For using minicap on your HTML webpage, you can use the following code:

Testing The 123

As we said earlier, the small capitals created by our program are not an actual font. It is a subset of Unicode characters. This is the full output of a-z. will appear similar to


2 Superscript

Subscript generator can convert text to subscript. These characters are typically employed in phonetics, math and related fields, but they can be copied and pasted into Tumblr. They are slightly elevated above the standard line of writing.

The Unicode superscript generator transforms your writing into an unspecified subset that is part of what is known as the Unicode standard. It is possible that some characters appear slightly differently in the superscript font.

The complete superscript alphabet utilized by the small-letter generator will look something like:

3-Subscript Subscript:

This small font text is set slightly lower than the normal line of typing. Subscript letters all look similar to the identical English alphabets, but certain letters appear a slightly odd. This is due to the fact that Unicode has defined these characters the same manner. Here’s how subscript letters are utilized in our font tool for small letters.

4 Lowercase to uppercase online

This tiny subtext generator will also give you the output of all lowercase and uppercase letters are transformed to lowercase. For instance, if you include text like “I Am Okay” It will be transformed into “I am okay”. One of the features of the tool we offer is the capital for lowercase converter.

5 5 Font Size 11px The font size is employed when you are limited in space, and also greater text that you can display. As in the footer of your website, you can make use of this font to display who designed this site. It’s a small font that you can cut and paste this tiny font and use it wherever you like.

69px font size

This is a extremely small font for letters and, honestly, we don’t know what people will be using it for. Based on demand we’ve added this feature to our tiny script generator. Small fonts can be fun for people We think so!

More information about the Small Caps Converter:

There are many ways to use small caps on the internet. It is possible to make text smaller. This can be utilized in the introduction of a sentence in order to draw the focus from the reader. Nowadays, the small caps text generators are typically used on the internet when people are looking to share something on Tumblr Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

How do you use the Text to Caps tool

The use of our tool for text to caps is simple. All you need to copy and past the text that you wish to convert. Also, you can type it by yourself and then check the your results live. We’ve not provided the option of uploading .doc, .docx or .txt file. We don’t believe that is the case when users want to convert the entire file into superscript, subscript or even small capitals. If you believe there’s a need for this possibility, please feel free to reach us.

How do you use a small font Generator to use on Instagram or Social Media:

Most of the websites support Unicode characters on their websites, however, there is a chance that some sites block certain characters of the Unicode char-set. If you intend to use these letters for your username or email address physical address, etc. it won’t be possible to do it. Some websites permit users to make use of the all-caps in your name, including the last and first such as Facebook. Sub/super scripted letters within the Facebook news feeds. Tumblr also permits users to add special characters for their posts.

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